Monday, June 6, 2011

June Blog Chain: Setting the Scene

I'm near the beginning of the AW blog chain this month. I'm smacked for time right now so will steal from my work in progress instead of writing something new. This story is still in first draft so not sure where this bit will be used, or even if it will make it through to the second draft. 

This month's prompt: Setting the Scene
Write a location description, and make us feel as if we are there. No dialogue, no introductory comments, just a location. We're the tourists, you're the guide.
     Lindsay stepped out of the Jeep, looking around the clearing. A circular drive surrounded by tall pines framed the lodge. She’d seen a few pictures of it online, from the official website and some random photos posted by visitors, but being here in person was almost overwhelming.
     She thought this must be what Swiss chalets looked like, two stories tall, about 100 feet long, built of rough-textured whole cedar logs. The main entrance, a tall wooden double-door archway framed in colorful square tiles, was up a few steps in the middle of a wide porch that seemed to wrap around the left side.
     To the right she could see the driveway branched off to a portico, the pillars stretching up to the roof at the second story. Large plate glass windows punctuated the porch at regular intervals. The peaked roof was cedar shake, with deep eaves hanging over the second floor windows fitted with balconies. 
     The first-floor tour revealed more of what she had envisioned from the outside, refined opulence masquerading as a rugged adventurer’s lodge. Three different sitting rooms, a library, dining room, media room -- she followed Braden from place to place, thinking there should be a map. The impression was of a Ralph Lauren home furnishings catalog: log furniture with oiled burgundy leather seats, thick wool rugs with bright geometric patterns placed just so on the gleaming wide plank floors, fireplaces in nearly every room, and paintings that would merit a closer look later all worked together to form the perfect image.
     In the foyer, the staircase rose elegantly to the second floor, spreading wider as they ascended the carpeted treads. Lindsay felt her mouth gaping open, agog at her new surroundings, and firmly pressed her lips together. What a rube. I haven’t been anywhere like this since Stacia’s wedding at that Beverly Hills hotel.
Reading this passage after posting it here makes my eyes glaze over. Too many details. I want to show how Lindsay is awed by the rustic grandeur of the lodge, and convey how much money was spent on it, but I don't think I accomplished those goals here. Good thing this is just a rough draft! I'll have time to clean it up later. Your suggestions welcome. 

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